Single Parent Giveaway - Emily Wheeler Photography

Know a single parent?

Nominate them to win a free 1 hour session with prints!

This idea has been swirling in my head for years and this is the year I am going to do it. I’m hoping it becomes an annual thing! Some women very close to me have been single moms and I have seen how hard they work for their kid(s). These women have shaped my view of hard work, courage, and blessings. I want to give back to these wonderful parents.

Feel free to nominate more than one person or yourself! The session will take place in May, outside, but in an area chosen with me (no set location). The winner will get one free hour, 5 digital images, and (3) 8x10 prints. A winner will be chosen April 29th, 2019.

Single Parent Nomination Form

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